The blog is now available in English!

Hello everybody,

This is an important day for this blog: from now on, new articles will be available both in French and in English!

Disclaimer: My English is far from perfect, and you may find errors in my spelling/grammar. I hope you can forgive me for these. 🙂

For the past few months, the kind of articles I’ve written has changed. They are a lot about OCaml (and there is a high probability that is stays this way), and they are meant to be more informative than before. Back then, I tended to write about my own projects.

But today, I think that my content may interest more and more people, and even non-French speakers. This change originated from this long discussion, which shows that there is a demand for articles about OCaml for beginners.

How does it work?

J’ai tout simplement ajoutĂ© un plugin pour WordPress, appelĂ© Polylang, qui me permet d’Ă©crire diffĂ©rentes versions de chaque article. Pour moi, ça fait deux fois plus de travail, puisque je vais devoir traduire tout ce que j’Ă©cris (y compris cet article !). Pour vous, les lecteurs, vous avez dĂ©sormais un menu qui vous permet de naviguer aisĂ©ment entre l’anglais et le français.

I have simply installed a plug-in for WordPress, called Polylang, which allows me to write different versions of each article. For me, that means twice as much work, since I need to translate every I write (this very article included). For you, readers, you now have access to a menu, allowing you to easily swap between French and English.

The language menu, on the right of the screen.

A quick word about my previous articles: there are about 35 articles on this blog as of today, all written in French and thus unavailable on the English version of the site, but I don’t think I will translate all of them, because that would require a lot of time and because they aren’t that interesting, if you ask me. The last few ones, however, may be good to have in English, so you may see new articles in the next few days, if I’m working quickly.

Finally, should you have any question, remark or request about the blog or future articles, make sure you leave a comment below this article. I always read them. 😉

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